NASTP Institute of Information Technology

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Vision, Mission & Core Values


  • To become leader in computing education and research


  • To achieve excellence in teaching and research for producing graduates with sound professional knowledge, integrity, a keen sense of social responsibility and a passion for lifelong learning
  • To provide Continuous Professional Development opportunities to IT professionals of PAF, Sister Services and Allied countries through comprehensive Professional Development Program
  • Contribute towards Nation Building by providing IT training to unskilled / semi-skilled manpower under various initiatives of Government of Pakistan and PAF

Core Values

  • Innovation: Pursuing groundbreaking advancements in technology through creative thinking and cutting-edge research.

  • Excellence: Striving for the highest standards of academic achievement, technological proficiency, and professional development.

  • Integrity: Upholding ethical principles, honesty, and transparency in all academic and professional endeavors.

  • Collaboration: Fostering teamwork, interdisciplinary cooperation, and partnerships to achieve shared goals and enhance collective expertise.

  • Community Engagement: Actively contributing to local, national, and global communities through education, outreach, and service initiatives, leveraging technology for societal benefit.

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